¿Que es la traducción simultánea?

The Simultaneous Translation (also known as Simultaneous Interpretation) is a complex and difficult task that needs great skill to manage to communicate the expressed message from one language to another.
With the assistance of simultaneous translation specialized equipment, the interpreter listens to the lecturer expressing the original message and simultaneously he communicates the translation in the language needed by the audience, in some cases with only a word of delay.
This labor of simultaneous translation demands a great amount of mental effort, because of that, the simultaneous interpreters are usualy hired in pairs so they alternate simultaneous translation every 30 minutes. In the situations where to our criteria the necessary means are met, it is possible to carry out the simultaneous translation with only a person.
Our services of simultaneous translation allow that the interaction between the lecturer and the audience or between workgroups takes place in an absolutely transparent way and real time, really overcoming the language barriers.
The Consecutive Translation unlike the simultaneous translation, cause that the people that speak the source language in the room has to wait for the translation, that it takes doble the time to say things, and that a great part of the impact of the lecturer gets lost in his presentation, for these reasons it is not used in this type of events, only in very specific cases and for limited periods of time can our interpreters do this type of translation.
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