We offer a wide range of high quality services that we have improved through  18 years of experience and dedication.

Interpreters & Equipment:

• Audio equipment for guided tours
• Interpreters in more common Language
• RF Simultaneous Translation Equipment Rental
• Infrared Simultaneous Translation Equipment Rental
• Full Cabins
• Middle Cabins
• Unicanal Receivers
• Multichannel Receivers
• Rely's

Guided tours & training

The radio frequency equipment is the most efficient tool for site visits, since it allows complete freedom of movement both for the guide of tourists and for the visitors as they move. from outdoors to industrial facilities as well as office buildings, vehicles and any other means of transport, even in conditions of very much noise for example a training for the employees of a factory. The radio frequency wave receiver equipment is the best way to carry out this type of visits.

International congresses, forums & conventions.

The use in conjunction of the interpretation and the technology of simultaneous translation, allows the wireless transmission of the multiple languages of the participants in a conference or multilingual congress, simply by selecting the channel of his preference, all the languages of interpretation are available, in the same receiver.
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